Abbeyfield Kent launches its own training academy

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Caring Times, April 2013

The Abbeyfield Kent Society has launched its own Care Academy designed to give training, development and general support to its own staff and to external students who are attending course at college on health and social care subjects. 


In an environment where there is a serious shortage nationwide of high quality senior care staff, The Abbeyfield Kent Society has decided to take this matter into its own hands and train the managers of tomorrow the care sector needs.


As one of the biggest employers in Kent the Society wants to ensure that there is the most high quality and finest staff members working in the care homes, providing the best possible care. The Abbeyfield Kent Society has created fantastic opportunities for career progression within the business, and is truly committed to being recognised as a centre of excellence for training and developing their work force.


“It’s not just a pragmatic measure,” says Abbeyfield Kent Chief Executive, Leon Steer. “We have many staff who are talented and ambitious but maybe need some encouragement to reach their full potential. As a manager, I have made it my business to encourage those who show potential, but the Academy is a way of offering the chance to get ahead to a larger number of people within a structured framework.”


Along with Abbeyfield Kent staff, the Society will be welcoming students from K College, which opens up an exciting opportunity for those looking to work in the care sector. The Society also plans to offer placements to 10 Apprentices, to continue working with the local Kent community, as the future of the care industry relies on its success.


At the recent official launch of the Academy, the organisation explained how Academy members will be helped and trained. “It’s a very exciting initiative” said Helen Goulding, a member of staff from the Abbeyfield Watling Court extra care scheme. “It’s also a great opportunity for people to learn together and to grow together in a supportive environment.”

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