Access system uses existing phone

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Secure access systems specialist TelGuard says recent developments in secure access have brought numerous benefits for both residents and staff of care homes. TelGuard says it has pioneered “access by the tone on your phone” using door-entry systems linked directly to an existing phone or phone network, be it BT or cable. Instead of the usual hard-wired installation where the access phone is normally situated adjacent to the entry door, telephone-based systems use whatever “home-phone” is available ­ hard wired, roamer, or mobile. This is said to provide enormous flexibility and peace of mind for whoever is in charge of a particular facility, or on duty at any given time. They can answer the ring from the entry panel externally via whatever handset they choose, wherever they are on site. Off duty it can be programmed to use a different number from the entry panel for even more flexibility. “For further peace of mind a CCTV link is now quite common, used in conjunction with the system, whether via a dedicated

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