All change – for more of the same

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By Caring Times editor GEOFF HODGSON

On Thursday this period of political and economic instability, called into being by the current government in a moment of weakness, will draw to a close as some of us trot off to our polling stations. Then our votes will be totted-up to determine which mainstream minority gets to drive the bus for the next few years.

Whatever the election result, there doesn’t appear to be much optimism in the social care sphere: regulation shows no sign of being reined-in and manifesto pledges on funding amount to little more than well-hedged promises of some action at some point, and even if positive steps were taken to train more nurses it’s pretty clear there will be no short term fix to the problem of recruitment.

Meanwhile the sector continues to haemorrhage beds. Last week Radio 4’s Eddie Mair interviewed Blanchworth Care chief executive Sally Roberts who has recently shed three care homes from the group’s portfolio, citing regulation, local authority funding and recruitment as the three main contributing factors.

It’s a pity. So much is being achieved and people are generally being cared for much better than they were 20 years’ ago, despite misregulation and inadequate public funding. So much more could be achieved if government could start to see social care as a positive opportunity rather than an onerous and avoidable responsibility.

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