Allotments have a lot to offer

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By Caring Times editor GEOFF HODGSON

We have recently acquired an allotment, complete with inherited rhubarb patch and compost bins, so I have a bit of a bee in the bonnet about allotments.

I know that some care homes with extensive grounds have created their own allotments, making plots available to individuals from around the neighbourhood, which is a great way to engage with the local community.

Not all care homes have this option of course, but I think allotments should be included on the list of stimulating destinations to be offered as ‘trips out’, along with public gardens and the like.

Allotments are a riot of visual texture and, for me anyway, evoke those arcane times when humankind ceased being hunter-gatherers and began the epic task of cultivating the land and so laying the foundations for modern civilisation. I think allotments have the potential to unlock race memories, let alone the fond reminiscences of childhood, the land army and digging for victory.

So get in touch with your local allotment group (they love having people going round and admiring the fruits of their labour). An added benefit to them is that the allotments gain even more value as a community asset to be preserved.

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