Analyst predicts year of mixed fortunes

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While the UK economy may be facing a rocky year ahead, 58% of care providers look surprisingly well placed to benefit, according to market analysts Plimsoll Publishing.

“It could turn out to be a very exciting year,” says Plimsoll’s senior analyst, David Pattison,

Plimsoll sees four clearly defined groups among the 1000 companies in its new analysis: # 253 firms chasing extra market share at any cost;

  • 111 successful companies poised to go on the offensive;
  • 414 being squeezed out of the market;
  • 222 sitting the whole thing out.

“For the market chasers these 253 companies spent 2007 gearing up for growth – to such an extent that some of them are completely reliant on outside finance,” said Mr Pattison. “Despite the prospect of even tighter credit, they look surprisingly confident to continue with their aggressive expansion plans.

“The biggest threat to these companies is any interruption of cash flow, which could be fatal.

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