Any takers for ‘Carebnb’?

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By Caring Times editor GEOFF HODGSON

When I was a lad in North Yorkshire in the 1960s, social care was much more of a cottage industry than it is now. Several of my playmates had their granny or grandad being looked after in their front room on a day bed.

Doesn’t happen much nowadays, partly because people are living to such an age that it would be great granny or great grandad on the day bed, with four generations making up the household – you’d need a very big house.

But so many cottage industries have gone; no one spins or weaves for piece rates any more, and we don’t hear of people handmaking flights for arrows or whittling gads for roof thatching. But small-scale enterprise still thrives, new cottage industries have evolved, especially in hospitality and catering, viz. Airbnb, ‘pop-up’ restaurants, coffee-shops and laundry services.

But, apart from a few small-scale homecare services, social care has been given over to professional outfits; I suspect that the very idea of ‘Carebnb’ would make most of us shudder. Of course, many families still look after their loved ones, whether elderly or with special needs, for as long as they are physically and financially able, often making huge sacrifices to do so.

But generally, we accept that professionally delivered social care is an essential part of western society today. Governments need to take this reality on board and come up with an adequate, sustainable and equitable system of paying for it.

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