Assisted living: to regulate, or not to regulate?

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Better regulation could have a positive impact on assisted living, suggests TOM ROBINSON of Edward Symmons Healthcare

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has been the healthcare industry regulator since 1 April 2009 and it’s too early for commentators to predict with certainty how they will come to shape the sector.

A prime reason is because the CQC’s remit is so extensive, having absorbed the responsibilities of three former regulators. Despite professionals using singular phraseology such as ‘the healthcare market,’ in practice the market comprises numerous, often disconnected spheres, all now with one overarching regulator in the form of the CQC. It’s clear why many operators are unsure as to how the CQC may impact on their operational and trading environments.

Due to this diversity of remit, it is futile to try and provide a grand summary in one short article, so we have chosen to think about one market segment given its rise in recent years and the likely CQC spotlight on the horizon. The segment in question is assisted living, aka supported living.

Assisted living is a relatively young concept and comes in a

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