Beating premature adjudication

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|Drawing on personal experience, Bob Ferguson warns that rushing to judgement is a downhill ride| How times change. The current fashion for the police to arrest almost everyone who is accused of criminal behaviour is a far cry from the days when collars were only felt if the culprit was bang to rights, and people in the twilight zone were invited to the station for what was called “a chat”. Nothing to worry about, we¹re assured, it¹s just procedure. That bulwark of British jurisprudence, the presumption of innocence, will keep us safe. Really? Not while an irresistible connection between accusation and guilt pollutes the public mind. This is the unspoken premise on which tabloid justice is dispensed, hanging celebrities out to dry, leaving their lives in tatters. For every high-profile individual so crucified, there will be countless other, ordinary, mortals, who, regardless of the lack of due process, will also be forever cursed by the unshakeable innuendo of “no smoke without fire”. Be warned, you could b

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