Brave new world of the NCSC

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An essential skill of a care home inspector is, according to John Burton, the capacity to just Œbe¹ in a home. He believes insufficient emphasis is being placed on this and other fundamental skills. I¹ve just got my hands on a recent product of some of our current social care institutions and of the late, but not in the least lamented, CCETSW, The Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work. I don¹t want to waste space writing out the full names of all the other organisations involved, so, for the sake of brevity if not clarity, I simply use their initials as they so often do themselves: DH, GSCC, TOPSS, CAIPE, HRING and NAIRO. What they have produced ‹ in a gigantic folder ‹ is the Training Information Pack (TIP?) for inspectors transferring to NCSC (and you know what that stands for). The binder contains Portfolio Guidance, a Self Audit Tool (SAT), and the National Occupational Standards (NOS). In his accompanying letter, the project manager from the Department of Health tells us tha

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