Cameras in care homes are ‘expensive, laborious and ineffective’, says Stephen Burke

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While the Care Quality Commission is to offer guidance to families on how to use secret cameras to monitor their loved ones in care, Stephen Burke, director of Good Care Guide (, the TripAdvisor style website for the care industry, believes that installing cameras in care homes is a “terrible idea” and “a step too far”.

“Surveillance is not the answer; it undermines staff and implies that they can’t be trusted,” said Mr Burke.

“There have been a number of devastating cases of abuse at care homes lately but there are better ways to avoid these in the future. The CQC needs to be more responsive to families’ concerns and tackle the early signs of poor care before it’s too late.

“The key to improving care is not by introducing a Big Brother-style culture but to ensure the industry is well inspected, regulated and staff are properly trained, supervised and managed while punishing those who provide inadequate care.

“What the industry really needs is better funding from the grassroots up; investing in training staff properly, rewarding them for their good work, and monitoring them regularly by inspectors who know the warning signs. Installing cameras will prove expensive, laborious, ineffective and shift the focus away from what care providers are there for – providing excellent care 24 hours a day.”

The CQC plans to issue its guidance on the use of secret cameras at the end of October.

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