Care England welcomes intermediary nursing role, but advises DH to extend and collaborate

Posted on December 29th, by geoff in Caring Times. Comments Off on Care England welcomes intermediary nursing role, but advises DH to extend and collaborate

An announcement of the Department of Health’s intention to create a nursing associate role has been welcomed by provider representative body Care England.

Care England’s chief executive Professor Martin Green has pointed out however, that several initiatives to create a hybrid, or intermediary role between a nurse and care worker already exist, having been devised and piloted in care homes by care providers and by Care England.

“We would like to see the Department of Health bring together these work streams to create a standardised accreditation for this new role, and invest in the care sector which is presently suffering from a severe nursing shortage,” said Prof. Green.

“The problems caused by the 20,000 nurse shortfall are not exclusive to the NHS. There are 50,000 nurses working in the social care sector who relieve considerable pressure from acute and primary care. We would like to see this intermediary role acting across health and social care to support the sector in mitigating NHS crisis, and providing quality care for residents of nursing homes.”

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