Care home managers should work more closely with us, say financial advisors

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All financial advisers who specialise in the elderly care sector say they believe care home managers should work more closely with financial advisers. In a poll of more than 100 financial advisers conducted by specialist long term care advice body Symponia, all those questioned said care homes should work more closely with financial advisers.

Ninety-six percents agreed that care home managers did not always appreciate how important it was for them to engage with financial advisers. In light of this, 90% showed support for Symponia to create a simple and recognised pathway for care home managers to follow. Janet Davies, managing director and joint founder of Symponia , said many care home managers appreciated fully that all privately funded residents should seek advice and had forged relationships with their own local, or preferred advisers, but this approach was not universal.

“Some managers are unsure who to refer to – and others only point people in the direction of financial advice if the family asks,” said Ms Davies.

“There’s nothing wrong with this and we wouldn’t want the personal, face-to-face contact to stop; managers need to have faith in anyone they refer both actual and prospective residents to. Historically care home managers have only referred obvious self-funders to advisers; this means that those being funded by a local authority, or self-funders who do not ask the right questions, could fall through the net.

“Currently, there is no defined national pathway to follow; 90% of our members think there should be, with 100% believing that a greater mutual partnership with care home managers could help countless more families.

“Club Symponia provides a solution. Designed to offer vital, online 24/7 information to everyone facing care, regardless of their situation or means, it can also provide the universal signpost that many care home managers seek, together with a platform for the more hand- on and personal relationship that can be delivered by local advisers.”

  • For further information, visit or contact Symponia on 01789 774595 to request Club Symponia’s new literature.

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