Care in a not-so-cold climate

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By Caring Times editor Geoff Hodgson

The March issue of Caring Times carries a feature about Cinnamon Grove, a care home in Sri Lanka offering placements to elderly people in the UK and the United States.

Cinnamon Grove’s major selling point is that it provides high quality care at fees of less than a third what a self-funder would have to pay for a comparable service in the UK. Add to that a staff/resident ratio of close to two-to-one, an acre of tropical sensory garden and almost year-round sunshine and you have a very tempting offer.

Cinnamon Care director Jeff Wicks dismisses the suggestion that the care workers are being in any way exploited, saying they earn more than the Sri Lankan equivalent of the living wage here in the UK and the high staffing ratio means there is plenty of scope for training and development.

Cinnamon Care may be on to something. Future generations of elderly people from western countries will be well-travelled compared to their predecessors. Sri Lanka is an attractive neighbourhood in the global village and technology makes it easier for them to keep in touch with family and friends.

After all, many of us go abroad for holidays, for employment, for ahem, banking services, so why not go abroad for care? Especially if it means you can spin out your capital for three times as long?

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