Carers held in high esteem

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A YouGov poll commissioned by care provider HC-One has found that many people rank carers as more important than lawyers, bankers and politicians. In a survey of 1,507 adults in Great Britain people were asked to rank a list of ten jobs in order of importance. The emergency services topped the list, closely followed by teachers and carers. Lawyers, bankers and politicians were placed at the bottom of most people’s list. Jobs were ranked in the following order:

Doctor, nurse, police officer, firefighter, teacher, carer, dentist, lawyer, politician, banker.

HC-One chairman Dr Chai Patel said it was heartening to see the public value care workers alongside the emergency services and the teaching profession.

“Having worked closely with hundreds of inspirational carers over many years I know that their kindness, compassion, thoughtfulness and care makes a huge difference to the quality of life for some of the most vulnerable members of our society.” said Dr Patel.

“They do an amazing job, every day of the year and it would be good to see the amazing contribution that they make more widely recognised.”

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