CCTV – a step towards ridding the sector of the fear of abuse

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By Caring Times editor-in-chief Dr Richard Hawkins

One of Caring Times’ sister publications is Nursery Management Today (NMT) which is targeted at childcare management. As editor-in-chief of this publication (as well as Caring Times) I visit nurseries, most of which have CCTV cameras as routine practice.

Perhaps in some long lost mists of time there was discussion about whether they were a ‘good thing’ but now they are standard practice. This different world does rather put the current discussion about whether we should have cameras in care homes into perspective.

In nurseries the cameras are there to help prevent two nasty aspects of modern life – abuse of children by staff and unwarranted accusations against staff by parents/relatives of the children. In care homes the cameras would be there for similar reasons so, given their widespread acceptance by nurseries, I struggle to see what the fuss is all about.

I guess opponents of the cameras might say that an important difference between day nurseries and care homes is that care homes are ‘homes for life’ but I would argue that as far as I know, no one is suggesting that cameras should be placed in residents’ own rooms (unless a resident ‘opts-in’ to the measure) so the difference is academic.

I say roll-on the cameras and let us take another step towards ridding the sector of the fear of abuse which so often clouds the judgement of relatives, commissioners and residents themselves.

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