Challenging the status quo

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Accepting the status quo is nearly always wrong. At the centre of our work is the question “Does it have to be like this?” Our job is to respond – to meet needs: for physical and emotional comfort, for support, for relationships, for good food, for community and for practical help with a wide variety of problems. A parallel question might be “Is this good enough for my father, my partner, my daughter, my friend . . . or indeed for me?” If it isn’t we must change it. This is the start of our involvement with practical and progressive social care. We will challenge the status quo not because the standards say so or because the inspectors have instructed us to do so, but because we – you and I – say so. This is the driving force for all significant development and no real change takes place without it. The “establishment” is by definition the status quo, yet government and those in power will claim that their mission is to change, to modernise, and to reform. We should bear in mind that there

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