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At a time when the present Government is being ever more dilatory in making any sort of commitment to the report of the Royal Commission on funding of long term care of elderly people, it is surely putting the cart before the horse to be talking about national standards and national training strategies. A national funding strategy for long term care would appear to be the best horse to which we could harness a host of well-intentioned initiatives. The present funding regime, however, resembles Tom Pearce’s grey mare who was commissioned to take Bill Brewer, Jan Stewart, et al to Widecombe Fair. The poor old nag simply couldn’t cope with the burden. Many care home operators have already expressed their exasperation at training targets set by TOPSS England (see “Behind the News”, Page 28). With many providers struggling to stay in business, they say it is difficult to be enthusiatic about brave new initiatives developed by non-stakeholding quangos. Governments by nature are good at making rules but they have no

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