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When an august body like the Joseph Rowntree Foundation pronounces in foreboding tones, everybody listens – perhaps even government. But the Foundation1s prediction of ever-growing numbers of elderly people needing long term care during the next 50 years is not news to anybody working within the sector – there has been a plethora of reports, conference papers and magazine articles, all warning that the ticking of the the “demographic timebomb” is becoming insistently audible above the querulous debates over funding, assessment and regulation. In June, the charity Counsel and Care issued its own report, warning of an impending crisis because of the shortage of care home places compared to the numbers of baby-boomers of the post WW1 generation. The social engineers, planners and policy shapers have had plenty of warning, but it may be that they won1t read the writing on the wall until their backs are up against it – hopefully Rowntree has rung the bells. And let not ministers cloud the issue with nebulous visio

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