Conversation flows at the dining table

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Caring Times, June 2013

Concerning John Burton’s article (CT May, 2013) about why don’t staff eat with residents. I totally agree that food and conversation is a big part of home life.

As children we would have our meals at the table and talk about what we had done that day, so in the home I manage, which is a small family home, all residents and staff who are on duty that day will sit together and enjoy their meal and conversation starts flowing.

While staff are sitting with residents and either if I am in the office or working the floor I also will take my lunch with the residents and we can support any resident if they need any. We have in dietary sheets so staff and our cook are aware of any likes and dislikes regarding food or drink and nutritional care plans are place. You can learn so much about a person by just sitting down with someone and having a chat.

– Donna Atkinson, manager North Warren House Gainsborough Lincolnshire

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