Counsel and Care warns against use of restraint

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Counsel and Care has published a new booklet called Showing Restraint as a means of alerting professionals, and relatives of people in care homes in particular, to new aspects of the issue which the charity says requires their discussion and attention. Alison Clarke, who researched and wrote the booklet with Counsel and Care deputy chief executive Les Bright, said there had been big changes in the issues around abuse and the balances between risk and restraint in residential and nursing homes in the last decade. “Levels of frailty and disability of residents on admission and their length of stay have changed dramatically,” Ms Clarke said. “There have also been huge technological changes which, if used inappropriately, make it possible to restrain residents in new ways. At the same time, in some care homes, things like cot rails are still being used to restrain.” “We have not compromised our views on the rights that residents should have, but we have recognised that the care homes population is more frail and

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