Documentation and a culture of fear

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Caring Times Letters, June 2014

I have just read John Burton’s article ‘Is it right to say that if it isn’t recorded, it isn’t done?’ (CT May 2014) and I felt compelled to write. I work in a care home and our company seems obsessed with recording. We have so many charts to prove that care has been given that they may well have created a monster. Over face care assistants with written work and, in my opinion, you run the risk of them filling gaps with things that haven’t actually happened.

One of the points which struck me from John’s article is “…the record does not prove the action” and what is more important – the action or the impression of the action? Documentation has its place but it worries me that the drive for it is creating a culture fearful of inspection and regulation, turning the care givers in to administrators who are under so much pressure to record, the temptation to “mis-record” may become too great. Where is the quality or value in that?

– Deputy manager, North East

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