The Caring Times Christmas Lunch

The_Dorchester_Hotel_in_London_Mayfair,_England_United_Kingdom_(4579989922)Many people’s favourite annual event was a great success again in December 2015. In response to demand, Caring Times’ Christmas Lunch was, as always, held at the Dorchester Hotel in London and was a sell-out. This year it was kindly sponsored by Derek Breingan, Head of Healthcare at Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank. Clydesdale and Yorkshire are active supporters of the long term care sector. Derek gave an amusing and informative speech welcoming the guests to the event and to prospects for 2016.

CT editor in chief, Dr Richard Hawkins followed with his by now customary annual search to discover the cleverest – and luckiest – diner. Guests were asked a series of outrageously obscure questions and were slowly eliminated using a variation of the Heads or Tails game played at Caring Times’ annual National Care Awards. A combination of a small amount of luck and, of course, huge brainpower resulted in Alison Wood of Lester Aldridge Solicitors coming away with the winning prize of a bottle of champagne . Congratulations to Alison!

A delicious lunch, much enjoyed by everyone, merged into an after-dinner speech from Des Kelly, chief executive of the National Care Forum. There was no more fitting speaker because he has been a longtime supporter of the Caring Times Christmas Lunch and has just announced his retirement from the NCF as from June 2016.

Des spoke amusingly about the early years of his 40 years career and concluded with some wise words about how challenging the current climate is for social care. Indeed some guests thought they heard him say they might have been among the most difficult conditions he had had ever experienced. Des, however, finished on a positive note outlining the opportunities that now existed for those prepared to look for them.

Caring Times will again be organising its Christmas Lunch in December. Readers are encouraged to join us !


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