Fair pay for care workers

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|By JOHN BURTON, Independent social care consultant. Email: jb@johnbbrixton.demon.co.uk| In October the minimum wage rises to £4.85 per hour. No matter how simple or menial the work, no adult may be paid less. We live in a rich society dependent for its wealth on past and present exploitation and inequality, both in our own country and abroad. For hundreds of years, millions of poor people have created this wealth without sharing in it. Britain led the world in international plunder and the riches of the Empire made it “great”. Today, we have a minimum wage and the Empire has all but vanished, but our society is still founded on exploitation, selfishness and greed. When we are short of cheap labour and skills, we import them from countries that can¹t refuse because they need the money their emigrants send home, but nor can they afford to lose the skills we demand. When we find our call-centres and other industries too costly to run in Britain, we send the work abroad where it can be done for half the price

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