Forty years not quite out for Claude

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Colleagues of semi-retired nurse Claude Forde at St Andrew’s Lodge nursing home in Nottingham recently decked the place out and piled up presents to mark Mr Forde¹s 40 years in nursing, most of it caring for elderly people. The Barbadian, who¹s eye as a young man was caught by a recruitment campaign for nursing in the UK, is “retired” but still puts in four shifts each week at the nursing home, which is owned and operated by Trinity Care. “I’ve always loved helping people and find nursing very fulfilling,” Mr Forde said. “I¹ve worked in most areas of nursing but have spent most time with elderly mentally ill (EMI) patients. It¹s very demanding work and involves you doing everything for residents ­ even doing their thinking for them. It was very hard at first, to see the plight of some residents, but it became more rewarding when you could see progress made. “I remember my Aunt in Barbados saying to me Å’As you go through life help as many people as you can, don’t be nosy, just help as many people as you

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