Hard times ahead for grey expectations

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The Care Quality Commission lacks ambition says BOB FERGUSON and this is putting those driving through improvements in the sector into reverse

The physical standards produced for care homes have a depressing echo of days gone by, says Bob Ferguson So the commissars of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) have chickened out. For all their lofty rhetoric, they have set the bar for environmental standards so low that only a deep-sea diver could find it.

How can people who have a statutory duty to improve services settle for yesterday’s benchmarks?

By cementing the second-rate into the system, they have guaranteed that the poorly served will always be with us.

The relative standing of physical standards within the overall provision of residential care has been debated ad infinitum. But no one can deny that the quality of the environment is a key element in a care home setting; it enhances privacy, dignity  and general wellbeing.

In which case, should not a commitment to high quality apply equally to physical standards?

Adequacy is essential, but in this context an entitlement to adequacy is n

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