Homecare provider lifts minimum wage

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Caring Times, April 2014

As of April, Allied Healthcare, the UKs biggest homecare provider, says none of its care workers will be paid less than £6.50 per hour, benefiting about 2,000 of the company’s 15,000 care staff who were being paid the minimum wage of £6.31 for some of their visits. This is six months before any new minimum wage is likely to come into force.

Darryn Gibson, chief executive, Allied Healthcare said: “In November we announced that we were abandoning compulsory zero hour contracts in favour of offering our people the opportunity to choose between new contracts with the security of contracted hours or to remain on a zero hour contract if they prefer. Today’s announcement to increase the minimum rate that we pay care workers to £6.50 from April again demonstrates our commitment to staff and to raising standards across the sector.”

From April, Allied Healthcare’s 15,000 care workers will be able to earn between £6.50 and £15 per hour depending on their qualifications, the complexity of the care they provide and the rate the local authorities pay. The introduction of contracted hours for all our care workers has begun, and to date almost a quarter of existing staff who have been offered contracts have opted for the guaranteed hours contracts.

“We believe that it’s vital that people are able to receive the care they deserve in the home they love, and we want to make this a reality. Recruiting, training and retaining the right people is at the heart of providing quality care”.

A career in caring can provide rewarding but highly flexible employment. Whilst some care workers are full time, many prefer the opportunity to balance work with other personal commitments, whether it’s working around school hours or during the evenings to accommodate other responsibilities. In fact, over the coming year Allied Healthcare will be recruiting thousands of carers across the country.

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