Independent survey finds high levels of resident satisfaction

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Caring Times, April 2013

An independent ‘opt-in’ survey of residents in care homes operated by small group providers has shown that nearly half (45.6%) say the quality of service they received in the last six months was improving and 95.3% of residents are likely to recommend their care home to a friend.

Conducted by healthcare research specialists Howard Warwick Associates (HWA) as part of the nationwide ‘Care to Talk’ survey of care home residents, the survey polled more than a thousand residents from 43 independent care home groups during November and December 2012. Each home had a minimum of 15 residents and there were no more than five homes in any group.

“All too often we are confronted with negative images of care homes but our survey results clearly demonstrate that standards have improved and residents are enjoying a good quality of life,” said HWA managing director David Leach.

“Ninety-five per cent of the residents polled like their rooms and 97% went further to say that the common areas are comfortable. 94% also confirmed the buildings they live in and the grounds that surround them please them.”

Ninety-eight per cent of responding residents said staff were helpful and friendly; “I am very happy with my life here, it could not be better – lovely staff, lovely room” was one representative response.

Despite popular negative images, the survey found residents were offered a variety of daily activities to choose from resulting in nine out of ten respondents participating in sufficient activities to keep them occupied. 93% were also happy with the choice of activities available to them. Another resident commented: “I am blind but still have the opportunity to become involved in activities suitable for me”.

“Of the 43 UK care homes we surveyed, most residents were truly comfortable in their environment and content with the positive approach to senior living and wellbeing,” said Mr Leach.

“The underlying message is that there are many great care homes operating up and down the country but unfortunately it is the odd few that create the negative headlines. There is always going to be the odd exception but in the main much is being done across the care home sector to improve services and the general image the general public has of them.”

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