PJ Care lifts care workers’ pay by 15%

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Specialist neurological care provider PJ Care has announced an unprecedented increase in pay for their care staff. The increase, which took effect from the 20th September, sees care staff earning between £7.30 and £8.30 per hour, rising by at least a further 20p an hour in February 2016.

PJ Care’s HR manager Liz Morgan said this meant PJ Care now paid their care staff more than the Government National Living wage of £7.20 which comes into effect from April 2016.

“We are delighted to be able to offer our care staff this increase in their hourly rate,” said Ms Morgan.

“We wanted to show them that they are integral to the service we provide, they are the ones who provide the compassionate care to our residents that has become synonymous with PJ Care.”

PJ Care’s chief executive, Johann van Zyl said that, … Read More »

Health and social care bodies make joint call for increased funding

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A number of organisations representing consumers, providers and commissioners of adult social care have called on government to halt the steady decline in resources available for older and disabled people.

Speaking together, the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), the Care and Support Alliance, the Care Provider Alliance and the NHS Confederation say the social care sector is in danger of a deepening crisis which is compromising the dignity, health and wellbeing of older and disabled people, their families and carers, the workforce as well as the economy. Their submission warns that:

Fewer people are receiving state-funded care, leading to higher levels of unmet need displaced most likely to unpaid carers and the NHS. Additionally, providers say that people paying for their own care are paying more than those who are funded by the state.
More people are living … Read More »

GMB calls for better funding of social care

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The GMB union has added its voice to the many calls for better funding of social care. A GMB motion calling for fair funding for social care was debated and carried at the TUC Congress in Brighton on 13th September.

GMB national officer Justin Bowden said years of chronic underfunding by successive governments had made today’s safety net one of ‘cradle to care home door’.

“A time bomb is ticking under the system of care for our elderly and vulnerable, the product of chronic underfunding and society’s failure to face up to its responsibilities to those – who paid tax and national insurance all their lives – in their times of need,” Mr Bowden said.

“Unlike the NHS, which can still be held up as a beacon of our values, for the one in 20 of us who will go into … Read More »

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