King’s Fund worried NHS cuts

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The King’s Fund, the healthcare reform and campaign organisation, has expressed grave concerns over announcements made about the NHS in the Chancellor’s Pre-Budget report.

Professor John Appleby, chief economist at The King’s Fund, said: ‘The announcement suggests that overall there will be a cut in the total NHS budget in real terms in 2011/12 and 2012/13. The Chancellor promises that 95 per cent of health service funding will see increases ‘in line with inflation’. While tough, this is better than the situation faced by many other spending departments.’

The fund says that clarity is needed about what is at risk if the ‘unprotected’ five per cent is cut – equivalent to around �5 billion for the NHS in England. It says that savings may be made in administration costs but if training or research budgets are cut then this could have consequences for future productivity and quality.

‘The funding gap between Derek Wanless’s projections for NHS spending and that faced in re

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