Knowledge confers responsibility and accountability

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When it is implemented in April this year, the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) will complement the Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA) Regulations . Both pieces of legislation should be welcomed – abuse can not be tolerated in any shape or form and clarity has been desperately required as to whether a person has the mental capacity to make his or her own decisions how vulnerable peoples’ interests are to be protected from unscrupulous ‘decision makers’. Community care minister Ivan Lewis said, on January 22, that care homes and hospitals are knowingly starving elderly people to death. If he has knowledge of this he has a responsibility to use the legislation that his government made law and he should undoubtedly be held accountable if he has not done so. Only one national newspaper, The Daily Mail, reported this matter as most were still feasting upon the Channel Four ‘Big Brother’ story. If Mr Lewis has no knowledge that this abuse is occurring, then he is accountable for making outlandish generalis

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