Law Commission consults on deprivation of liberty reform

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The Law Commission has launched a consultation paper on mental capacity and deprivation of liberty. The paper can be accessed at:

The consultation paper reviews the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (the DoLS) in England and Wales. the Law Commission’s Tim Spencer-Lane said its goal was to replace the DoLS with a straightforward and accessible legal framework which provided appropriate safeguards for people who lacked capacity whose care or treatment was becoming restrictive.

“The provisional proposals in the consultation paper represent the Law Commission’s initial view about how the law should be reformed,” said Mr Spencer-Lane.

“We are undertaking a wide consultation process to gather as many different views and to gain as much information as possible within the consultation period. We welcome responses from all interested parties.”

The consultation period runs from until 2nd November. The Law Commission will then review its proposals on the basis of all of the responses received and publish a final report accompanied by a draft bill by the end of 2016.

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