Let’s not rush to judicial review

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As a home owners� body vows to ride to the rescue of the industry�s finances, BOB FERGUSON asks if it is just tilting at windmills.

You couldn’t make it up. Home owners in one county have been so hacked off by the council’s pricing shenanigans that – wait for it – they have threatened to sell up and ship out, en bloc, raising the possibility of the biggest mass departure since the Exodus.

Could these guys have found the promised land elsewhere? And will councillors be quaking in their boots? Do me a favour. Bluster like this makes for good headlines, and little else. Shakespeare put it in a nutshell: “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”.

But they can relax now that a national champion has emerged, as steadfast and square-jawed as Dan Dare, promising to challenge local authority skinflints in the judicial lists with – now what was that saying again? – I know, the simple sword of truth and the trusty shield of British fair play. Hurrah! Settle down, let’s keep it to one cheer, for good intentions. I’m no expert on the law, but I fear that as quixotic gestures go, t

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