Money Can’t Buy Me Care

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By Caring Times editor GEOFF HODGSON

Every so often someone writing a speech or press release trots out the tired old trope about “older people receiving the care they deserve”.

As a piece of patronising drivel it’s hard to beat. Nobody “deserves” good care; it’s not something one receives as a reward for meritorious conduct, you don’t get good care in recognition of your past contribution to society. Older people get good care because they need it. End of story.

Well, not quite; even if we accept the word ‘care’ as shorthand for ‘care services’, the situation doesn’t change. The reality of limited resources means that care services are rationed, but on the dual bases of means and need, not ‘deservability’.

Having pots of money might guarantee you good care services but not necessarily good care. Otherwise there’d be no need for CQC to inspect the £1500-a-week care palaces that are going up around the home counties and elsewhere. Putting a slight twist on the old Beatles song can be instructive:

“I don’t love money too much,

Money can’t buy me care.’

And that’s whether you deserve it or not.

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One response to “Money Can’t Buy Me Care”

  1. John Burton says:

    This is why I look forward to reading the CT blog on a Monday morning: pithy, thoughtful, challenging, and usually getting to the well-defended and often hidden nub of an issue.
    In social care we are fed an almost undiluted diet of platitudes, evasion, and cliches.
    “The most vulnerable people in our society” – so why didn’t you include them in your society?
    “Our first priority is the safety of our residents” – Oh really? Pull the other one. And, anyway, safety shouldn’t be anyone’s FIRST priority.
    “We take all complaints very seriously” – you can bet your boots this isn’t the first time this particular issue has been complained about . . . and ignored.

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