National Minimum Wage ­ Human tragedies will pay for wages hike

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By Geoff Hodgson Care home owners around the country have applauded the Government¹s 11% increase in the National Minimum Wage although few can see how they are going to be able to pay the increased wages bill. “Fine in principle but where¹s the money coming from?” asked the Registered Nursing Home Association¹s chief executive Frank Ursell when the increase to £4.10 per hour was announced on March 5 ­ the very day that some 800 care home owners swarmed into Parliament to lobby MPs for higher fees. (The blunt irony of this was missed by the foot and mouth-besotted national media). “We certainly do not begrudge hardworking care staff their rise but that¹s not the point,” Mr Ursell said. What we object to is being told on the one hand to pay a 10% increase in wages by law, and being offered a miniscule rise in fees on the other.” These sentiments echo like the voice of doom throughout the sector. The National Care Homes Association chairman Barry Hartley has said the wage hike would be the death knell for

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