NHFA reports changes to capital limits and nursing care benefits

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The capital limits for means testing for local authority support in care homes is to be increased with effect from April 7, 2003. The Nursing Home Fees Agency (NHFA), which provides free advice and information on obtaining and paying for long term care, has reported that the lower capital limit is to be raised from £11,750 to £12,000 and the higher capital limit is raised from £19,000 to £19,500. Individuals with capital of below £11,750 will have to contribute their income towards the care home fees, less £17.50 retained for personal expenses (previously £16.80) Individuals with capital of between £12,000 and £19,500 will also have to contribute a further amount of £1 per week for each £250 of capital between these two figures. Individuals with capital above £19,500 will have to meet the full cost themselves. The NHS contribution towards nursing care costs in nursing homes, payable in three bands, is to be increased from April 1, 2003, the lower band increasing from £35 to £40, middle band from

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