Non-powered cushions offer top performance

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The makers of Tempur-Med cushions say computerised pressure readings prove that the cushions offer excellent pressure redistribution, outperfoming many of the more highly priced dynamic alternatives on the market. “This means that users can confidently sit anywhere without the need for access to a source of power,” says Tempur-Med. “Tempur-Med cushions are lightweight and be easily moved from seat to seat, remoulding to any change of position within seconds. Originally developed for NASA in the 1970s the Tempur material is said to mould to any body shape or size by becoming softer in warmer areas, where the body is making most contact with the surface. Fluid-like in nature, the temperature sensitive, visco-elastic material is said to distribute weight evenly, eliminating pressure, maximising comfort and ensuring stability when sitting for extended lengths of time. “Many elderly people spend up to 14 hours sitting out of bed and need effective protection against the danger of developing pressure ulcers,” says

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