Older peoples election manifesto

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A seven-year-old schoolgirl from Oxfordshire is the star of an Age Concern video manifesto released to the main political parties recently. Eleven year old Ann Tivey, from Burford, features alongside pensioners who in their own words set out the priorities for older people in the run up to the next General Election. The video manifesto is the first of its kind produced by a campaigning organisation and accompanies the traditional print version, both entitled Dignity, Security Opportunity. Both drive home findings of a new poll commissioned by Age Concern which reveals the votes of half of Britains 12 million older voters are still up for grabs at the next general election. The research by Age Concern is the most conclusive evidence yet that overall turnout at the next election could fall to as low as 68 per cent – with younger voters becoming less likely to turn out, but pensioners just as likely to go and vote as ever.

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