One generation game

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|Where older people are concerned, racism in the care sector is anything but a simple black and white matter, argues Bob Ferguson| “Eeny, meeny, miney, mo…” OK so far? That’s certainly what the makers of a brand of chocolate ice-cream thought when they splashed the first line of the children’s rhyme all over their advertising hoardings. How about the next line? Not so clever now, eh? What they hadn’t considered was the connection that would inevitably be drawn from their slogan to the, admittedly unarticulated, ‘traditional’ version of the last line. Well, not before a wave of protests captured their attention and forced them to ditch the campaign. At least the thoughtlessness was corrected. So it was when everyone’s favourite independent trader, Del Boy Trottei; and sometime football pundit Ron Atkinson had their tongues effectively torn out by their respective TV companies for using racially insensitive language. Sadly, it was around the same time that a successful tribunal action exposed the complicity o

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