Online placement marketplace could help to boost occupancy

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Caring Times, October 2017

An online marketplace, the ‘Care Co-Operative ( has been launched with the dual aim of enabling families to find care home places for their loved ones, and to help care homes boost their occupancy.

Founder and director Joan Mansfield said the Care Co-Operative had a rapidly growing membership of both care providers and self funding care seekers,consequent to recent national press and TV coverage.

“Self-funding service users and their families can join the Care Co-Operative as a member and find care services which are prepared to acknowledge the value that they, as self-funding service users, bring to their business by offering them a small discount on the service’s full fee,” said Ms Mansfield.

“The care service can choose the level of discount they offer, but in any case they will likely receive much more than a local authority pays.

“As well as helping the business break even, care providers may even find that they can make a surplus, which they can use to improve the quality of the services they provide.”

It costs care providers £49.50 per year to have a presence on the website, which gives access to their own webpage which they can use to promote their services, using a description and photographs. Care providers can access this page as often as they like and can use it to offer promotions and even advertise vacancies.

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