Opportunities for providers as awareness grows

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On 8th December 2009 Management Guru, Gerry Robinson, begins a much trumpeted two part series on BBC television focusing on the state of care provision for those suffering with dementia. Coming just nine months after the Government launched the first ever national strategy for dementia it appears an opportune moment to focus on this key segment of the social care market.

Laing and Buisson’s ‘Dementia Care Services UK Market Briefing 2009’ sets out the significance of this market. Focusing on what it calls the ‘most useful’ measure of the size of the market it estimates there are some 142,000 people in residential care for whom dementia is a known cause of admission. It values this part of the dementia market at �4.7billion annually.

There are a further 90,000 people in the UK (Laing and Buisson add) whose principal need is dementia, who are estimated to be receiving non-residential care services which includes home care, day-care and other community care. The value of this non-res

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