How to secure care homes and their residents in the 21st century?

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The solution is wireless, user-friendly and already trusted in residences all over Europe

Care homes present many unique security challenges. Above all, a residence needs to feel like an open, welcoming space. It must work for the resident, and provide a pleasant environment to greet family and other visitors. It should be a home, in every sense.

At the same time, managers must ensure security of the site, including its staff, sensitive data, and areas where medicines are kept. If there has been an unauthorised access attempt, staff need to know as soon as possible. When residents have dementia or other complex conditions, it is crucial that care workers can find out where they are at any time.

That’s why advanced access control — that’s easy for everyone to operate — can have major benefits in a care home. A system that … Read More »

Families say social care services have got worse

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UK families say care services for children and older people have got worse in the last five years, but reserve their harshest criticism for care of older people, particularly homecare services, according to reviews reported to Good Care Guide.

More than 40% of reviews of homecare agencies in 2016 rated them as poor or bad for quality of service and for value for money Based on an analysis of 9,000 reviews left by families on the Good Care Guide website, the latest research shows:

In 2012, 22.7% of homecare agencies were rated poor or bad for quality of service by older people and their families. By 2016 this had almost doubled to 41.6% of homecare services getting poor or bad reviews. The percentage of reviews rating homecare agencies as poor or bad for value for money rose from 23.4% in 2012 to … Read More »

It’s time for people power

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By guest blogger BOB FERGUSON

It has been revealed that many people who have successfully negotiated the labyrinthine application process for NHS continuing healthcare (CHC) now find their wish to be cared for at home counting for nothing as CCGs limit funding for delivery in domestic settings.

The outrage that greeted the disclosure suggests the move has come as a surprise. Really? Disturbing it is, new it is not; this sort of thing has been going on for years.

Where I live, councils and health authorities got together in the early noughties to create, with Whitehall’s blessing, what is still a unique development: 500 beds worth of council-operated nursing homes. No sooner were they up and running than the erstwhile allies were at each other’s throats, arguing about eligibility assessments for CHC, each determined on budget protection. Without a national health and social … Read More »

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