William Laing publishes care home fees funding proposal

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Leading health economist William Laing has published his ‘Personal Asset Protection Guarantee’ (PAPG) White Paper, the key proposal of which is that individuals are guaranteed to keep

about three-quarters of their personal assets in the event of their needing residential care in their old age.

The White Paper deals with the question of how the cost of long term care should be divided between the State and those individuals (mainly property owners) with care needs who have the resources to pay for themselves. The PAPG proposes a novel mechanism which defines individuals’ eligibility for council support for residential care in terms of the percentage of each individual’s assets which has been spent-down since being assessed as needing care.

William Laing, the founder of healthcare analysts LaingBuission, argues that the PAPG would be more efficient and equitable as well as easier to understand than … Read More »

Adelphi acquired by Regard

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Adelphi Care Services, which provides services to adults with learning disabilities, autism and challenging behaviour, has become part of the Regard Group, the UK’s fourth biggest specialist care provider.

Adelphi had previously operated three specialist care homes in Shrewsbury. More than 60 people attended a special event in September, marking the end of an era as Adelphi farewelled its founders, Joe and Annette Kwaterski, who have retired, and for Regard to formally welcome Adelphi into their group.

Guests included service users, family members and staff. Kim Walshaw, area service manager, said Regard had handled the transfer of Adelphi to Regard with care and kindness.

“The values of Regard appear to be the same as Adelphi, in that the needs of the service user are at the centre of everything we do, and we’re committed to delivering high-quality services,” said Ms Walshaw.

The DTOCs dashboard dilemma

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By guest blogger JEF SMITH

The Department of Health refers to delayed transfers of care – the issue of people not being able to move quickly from acute hospitals to less intensively medical care in the wider community – as DTOCs. My problem is – how do you pronounce it? Is it DeeTeeOhCees or detox? Until someone puts me out of my misery, I’m having to avoid the abbreviation in conversation, instead spelling out the whole inelegant phrase. It almost makes me want to bring back ‘bed-blocking’.

There are, of course, bigger issues at stake. In the absence of a timely discharge, hospital managers are left holding the baby – or, more often of course, the older person – and a hospital system which depends on steady throughput suffers increasing pressure. Fresh patients wait on trolleys or in ambulances because there are … Read More »

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