People must pay for personal care

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Prime Minister Tony Blair has promised a £1.3 Billion shake-up in residential long term care but his Government has rejected the Royal Commission’s key recommendation on free personal care. Hopes of the State meeting all residential care costs were finally dashed when details of the changes were unveiled to Parliament at the end of July. For 18 months the Government had dawdled and delayed over its decision, deterred by the scale of the funds being considered. Eventually the package presented by Mr Blair, though ambitious and far reaching, offered substantially less than what the Royal Commission claimed was needed. The Government’s response came in a 30-page supplement to the NHS Plan published just before Parliament rose for its long summer break. The changes, it was claimed, would mean “all older people should have greater confidence in the ability of health and social care services to meet their needs more effectively.” Of the 24 main recommendations set out in the Royal Commission, the Government claime

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