Plymouth rethinks Granby closure plans

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The long running saga of a council-owned West Country residential home has been concluded with a decision to keep it open. The row over the proposed closure of Granby Way in Devonport, Plymouth, reached the High Court at one stage, but now the newly-elected Labour Council has announced that not only will the home be kept open, but that new residents will be admitted. The decision goes against the national trend of closing uneconomic homes and, in a further emotional move, the council has decided to rename the home Frank Cowl House after Frank Cowl, the long term resident, now deceased, who led the campaign to keep the home open. The reversal of the previous Tory policy of closure has led to speculation over the city policy of free evening and Sunday parking. Money from parking could go to funding the home. The council has estimated that the cost of expanding the home will be an additional £70,000 a year. However at the same time the overall unit costs will come down substantially due to economies of scale. A

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