Polyflor seeks to strengthen its hold on flooring market

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Commercial flooring specialist Polyflor Ltd aims to strengthen its hold on the heavy duty sheet and tile vinyl market with the launch of Polyflor XL PU ­ featuring a wide choice of bright, modern marbleised colourways, plus a specially formulated polyurethane surface treatment for easier maintenance. “Original Polyflor XL has been the top selling commodity sheet vinyl in the UK and overseas for more than 30 years,” said Polyflor marketing manager Simon James. “By adding significant value at no extra cost we aim to ensure new Polyflor XL PU holds that pre-eminent position for many years to come.” New Polyflor XL PU ­ which is being promoted with the slogan “Just Brilliant” ­ is targeted at large commercial, healthcare and educational developments where the proven durability and 100 per cent useful wear life of its homogeneous monolayer construction are key selling points. Mr James said an extensive colour palette, embracing 24 vibrant contemporary shades, had been developed in collaboration with leading arc

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