Quality tops NCF managers’ priorities

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Caring Times, December 2013

The result of the National Care Forum (NCF) ballot, conducted at the recent managers conference, shows the overwhelming priority of managers is that of delivering quality care and support – for a third successive year.

Des Kelly, executive director of the National Care Forum, said: “This annual check on what matters most to managers provides some valuable insights.

“Managers have shown, yet again, that quality is their number one concern. Recruitment and retention also attracted a high proportion of the vote and the relationship between the two is significant.”

Des Kelly continued: “I am not surprised to see funding rise up the list but I am particularly encouraged by the emphasis on values, compassion and creativity featuring in the Top 10. The NCF managers‟ ballot shows very clearly that it is people management issues and their underpinning values that lie at the heart of managers‟ priorities.”


Ballot TResults:

The NCF has conducted a ballot to capture the current manager priorities at the Managers Conference for nine consecutive years. For the last three years we have used the question – “As a manager in the care sector, what matters to you?” Once again this has yielded a wide range of responses and some clustering of issues and priorities. The following ranking of the issues are the result for 2013, based on frequency of mention:

1. Quality of care (2012: 1; 2011: 1)

2. Recruiting and retaining the right staff (2012: 4; 2010: 3; 2009: 2)

3. Funding/budgets and sustainability (2012: 10; 2010: 1; 2009: 1)

4. Relationships – people receiving care and support and their families (2012: 9)

5. Regulation and compliance (2012: 9; 2010: 2; 2009: 4)

6. The value of a skilled, well-trained and motivated workforce (2012: 6; 2011: 3; 2008: 4)

7. Media image and portrayal of care services (new entry)

8. Delivering person-centred care and support (2012:2; 2011: 2)

9. Compassion (new entry)

10. Arts and creativity (new entry)

22.9% of the responses ranked quality as the No 1 priority and it has now topped the list for three years in succession. Recruitment and retention (at No 2) attracted 21.6% of delegates, with funding also reappearing in the top three ranking. Once again outside of the top three there was a long tail of priorities and a wide range of issues. Interestingly there are three new entries reflecting new concerns with „media image‟, compassion and the arts, all appearing for the first time.


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