Reader feedback – It Ain’t Necessarily So – Call Bells

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It does seem those responsible for designing/planning care homes have never spent time in them. Call bell systems typify this. Piercingly loud in the day (to be heard over background noise), our system has no volume control so at night is incredibly noisy, repeatedly waking sleeping residents up.

Additionally, the system covers multiple floors despite each floor running /being staffed separately. This means anyone calling on one floor has the bell ringing throughout the building as well so very effectively disturbing everyone.

Having very discreet display units positioned in the corridors means staff have to walk to the unit every time to see which bell is ringing. This very effectively wastes staff time and energy both day and night and also extends the ringing time (just to maximise disturbance)Large visual disply screens in the lounges (where staff tend to be based)and at strategic points of the corridor with audio option which can be turned down or off should be the norm.

As it is, not only do our night staff spend a lot of wasted time checking to find the callbell is on a different floor but the residents have broken nights – hardly helping promote a restful sleep. 

– Caring Times reader

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