R&RA warns against creating a two-tier sytem based on wealth

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The Relatives & Residents Association (R&RA) has warned the Government against creating a two tiered system of care for older people when it publishes a Green Paper on the future funding of care later this year.

Commenting on the Caring Choices report, published by a consortium of charities which found that most of the people surveyed favoured a system where the state matches an individual’s contribution beyond a publicly funded minimum package of care, R&RA chief executive Dr Gillian Dalley said a review of the social care funding system was long overdue.

“However, in sanctioning more support for home owners and people with assets, the Government must avoid the danger of consigning poorer pensioners to the bottom of the pile, qualifying only for a restricted package of lower standard care.

“Older people in England are poor for a great many reasons which are usually to do with circumstances beyond their control,” said Dr Dalley.

“We are concerned that u

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