Scottish Caring & Dementia Congress 2015

7th Annual Scottish Caring and Dementia Congress 2015
In association with Scottish Care, Alzheimer Scotland & The Alzheimer Scotland Centre for Policy and Practice and the University of the West of Scotland

The Scottish and Dementia Congress 2015 took place on 29th April at the Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh. It was held on one busy day and included two plenary sessions featuring keynote speakers of importance to all delegates, and divided into specialist parallel sessions for the rest of the day to cater for everyone’s interests. Also including a large exhibition and lots of networking opportunities the congress was another huge success. We received great feedback once again and all our speakers did a wonderful job.

The Scottish Caring and Dementia congress is organised by Caring Times and the Journal of Dementia Care, who have been running care and dementia based events in Scotland for over fourteen years. The concept behind the Congress is to bring together on one occasion all those involved in the various strands of care for elderly people, for the purpose of networking and learning with each other, from each other and about each other.    

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The following presentations have kindly been made available for public download
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I. Di Bona, Laura
II. Johnson, Amanda
III. Henderson, Kelly & Murray-Howard, Catherine
IV. Holloway, Guy, MacDonald, Colin & Wilson, Jacqueline
V. Perry, Wendy
VI. Stacpoole, Min & Thompsell, Amanda

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