Sense supports cross-party social care review

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Caring Times, February 2017

National disability charity Sense has backed a call for urgent cross-party review to address sustainability of social care sector. The charity has welcomed calls from three Commons committee heads for an urgent cross-party review to find a sustainable solution to the current social care funding gap ahead of the next spending round.

The social care sector is currently running at a substantial deficit, which is estimated to hit £2.6bn per year by 2020. Sense, which supports deafblind people and those with complex needs, has been calling on the Government to deliver urgent funding to plug the sector’s unsustainable gap and help protect the future of the vital social care services. Richard Kramer, deputy chef executive of disability charity Sense, said: “The stark warnings on the fragility of the social care sector are finally hitting home and we welcome the call for a cross-party review tasked with finding a sustainable solution to this growing crisis ahead of the next spending round.

“The social care system has been chronically underfunded for a number of years and is now running at an unsustainable deficit that is putting vital services at risk. In the last year, 11.4% fewer people with sensory impairments received social care support compared to the previous year, as a direct result of systematic underfunding forcing councils to ration services. With an ever growing funding gap, projected to hit £2.6 billion by 2020, it is inevitable that more and more disabled people will be left without social care support unless an urgent funding solution is found

“For many of the older and disabled people we support, social care is an essential element that allows them to live with independence, dignity and as active members of their community. The removal or restriction of these services would seriously impact the quality of their lives, which is why it is crucial that the Government starts protecting the sector. We look forward to working with the Government to ensure that a sustainable funding solution is delivered that creates a quality system available for all those who need it.”

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