Social care; essential but ignorable

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By Caring Times editor GEOFF HODGSON

Many older people’s charities and many care provider organisations have gone through the motions of calling for social care to be placed high on the election manifestos of the major parties. Others, knowing their calls will be ignored, have maintained a resigned silence.

It’s a forlorn hope of course; as long as the major parties keep beating each other around the ears and blaming each other for the shortcomings of the NHS, instead of working towards meaningful reform, social care will remain forever a Cinderella service.

The problem being of course that most of us won’t need any form of social care until the last few months of our lives and perhaps not even then, and it’s not something we like to think about any way. But the older people’s charities and the care providers have no option but to keep doing the tough job of trying to raise awareness – someone has to do it.

It is very clear why Mrs May has called for a national poll at short notice, but I like to think it’s called a ‘snap election’ because our collective patience is so close to breaking point.

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One response to “Social care; essential but ignorable”

  1. Roger Wharton says:

    At least there is some comfort in knowing that Theresa May mentioned social care on Sunday and explained that the £2bn is a short term measure only and she recognised that further measures were necessary to ensure a sustainable service. Of course we should not sit on our hands but keep raising the issues at every opportunity – one such way is to test Council Leaders now and after this week’s vote to ensure that the £2bn is allocated to worthy issues that support the sector and thus those receiving care.

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